Ysgol Caer Elen

Daw derwen o fesen fach

Teaching and Learning


At Ysgol Caer Elen we employ a variety of teaching methods within a class framework. Work is related to a theme, which rotates over a period of two years/six terms. All elements of the curricular plans are included in the school’s schemes of work.

Throughout the school, teaching is undertaken on a whole class basis, teaching groups, paired learning and individual tuition. The method used depends on the age and ability of the pupils concerned.

Classes are organised according to staffing as funded by the LEA formula. Sometimes, year groups will vary in number and split year groups will form classes. One principle that we will aim to safeguard is that Key Stages are not mixed within one class as this would compromise the curriculum for both key stages.

Implementing the Foundation Phase will lead to introducing pioneering teaching methods. 


A wide range of teaching methods are used according to the needs of the subject and the specific group being taught. Group work, investigation work, oral work, listening as well as practical work will all be used. Teachers will move from teaching the whole class to arranging group work at varying levels and giving attention to individuals.

Digital learning will be promoted throughout the school in conjunction with the Digital Competency Framework.


Ysgol Caer Elen have adopted the Assessment for Learning strategy e.g. thinking skills, self-assessment and peer assessment techniques. These new techniques encourage teachers to prepare lessons that incorporate a range of teaching methods e.g. listening/kinaesthetic etc. Our aim will be to create an independent and effective learner of a high standard.